Tele-medicine Will Improve Qualitative Healthcare In Nigeria —Doctorcare247

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Tele-health will help Nigeria move faster towards achieving Universal Health Coverage and access to improved and qualitative healthcare in the country  says the Founder, Doctorcare247, Dr. Chuks Chibundu.

He said also that with Tele medicine  issues around accesibility to healthcare professionals and their services will improve as Nigerians, anywhere, anytime can get healthcare services as long as they have a mobile phone.
At the launch of this innovation,  Doctorcare247 platform and the unveiling of its ambassador in Lagos recently, the CEO said the new innovation was an integrated tele-health platform that enables doctors and other healthcare specialists educate, diagnose and treat patients online.
He explained that the  primary reason for creating the online platform is to bring convenience to the people, especially now that patients clamour for convenience and quick access instead of spending long hours on queues in hospitals waiting to access treatment.
“This platform provides round-the-clock e-health consultations through doctors and specialists certified by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council and by our own thorough checks.
“What this means is that the platform provided by Doctorcare247 can help users to break the barriers of distance, travel time, logistics and long waiting hours in hospitals because its features allow patients to access quality healthcare services from medical providers online, anytime and anywhere.
“What we have done is to make sure that patients can get healthcare services whenever and wherever they need them. People are searching for convenience; they want everything delivered to their doorsteps.
“So, imagine you don’t have to go to the hospital and wait for hours just to see a doctor. That is what Doctorecare247 will do for you. You can easily consult your doctor via audio, video calls and text, instead of going to the hospital.”
While acknowledging that tele-health was an entirely new thing in Nigeria, Chibundu said he is optimistic that the platform was an idea whose time has come as experience has shown that Nigerians, like their counterparts abroad, want convenience in everything they do, including shopping.
The Chief Retail Officer, HealthPlus Ltd, Foluke Akinniranye said her organisation has investigated Doctorcare247 and can confirm that it is credible, adding that it was what Nigeria needs at this time to address issues of lack of access to healthcare, self-medication and self-prescription.

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